We appreciate that attending a Solicitor’s office on the first occasion can be a daunting experience.

We therefore offer a fixed fee time unlimited initial appointment, to provide you with a suitable opportunity to ask all the questions that you may have. We have no objection to your bringing a close relative or friend to this or any other appointment.

We offer a custom tailored service to suit your needs. You may wish to discuss matters with us, reflect upon our advice and take no further action at this stage. Alternatively you may require rapid legal action through correspondence, or possibly court proceedings. Yet at other times, a referral to Mediation would be appropriate.

We regard the first appointment as crucial to assessing your situation. We follow up the meeting with our detailed, lengthy letter of advice which answers all your queries and sets out the law and procedure in relation to your matter as well as a time and cost estimate. The letter is part of the initial fixed fee so you will not be charged extra.

Specialist Advice:

  • Finances
    • o One of the common concerns arising out of a divorce or a relationship breakdown is money. Specifically, how will the family assets, including the family home, bank accounts, policies and investments, be divided? Please note that the law relating to married couples is different to the law concerning unmarried couples at this time. This is a complex area of law. We deal with a wide range of individuals, from those with a modest asset base to those of a very high net worth.

      Our aim is to provide you with advice regarding possible settlements once all the relevant information has been gathered. Please note we will provide you with a time and cost estimate both at the outset of the case and upon future development. This will help you to budget for your costs.

      As we offer specialist services in other areas of law, including property, probate and trusts and commercial law, all matters arising out of a divorce and finances can be dealt with by our firm. This can have cost advantages and also ensure that you have a seamless service in dealing with your case.
  • Childrens Services
    • Irrespective of the circumstances of the breakdown both parents will always cite the interests of the children as being of paramount importance.

      We offer an informative, creative and pro-active service in trying to deal with matters concerning the children. The fixed fee first appointment is particularly useful in relation to children's issues because we will be able to advise on your options for resolving matters as soon as possible.
  • Pre-Nuptual Agreements
    • Due to recent Court Judgements Pre-Nuptial Agreements are gaining increasing prominence in family law.

      Pre-Nuptial Agreements deal with complex issues. It is important you take legal advice so that you are clear as to the advantages of such an agreement and the limits which are currently in place.

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What our clients say

Kiran is a very open and honest man with a warm manner


Alison Muttock was fantastic


Vijay Singh explains all information very clearly.
All dealings with Vijay – telephone and correspondence were excellent

Very pleasant staff
– was put very much at ease

Leicester client

The service could not have been better

Leicester office client

Excellent service from Mr Singh.
If it was possible to give 11 out of 10, I would.

Emily was very friendly and very professional at all times.
Thank you for an all-round excellent service.

Reception staff – excellent.  Emily Stephen – excellent.

The service we received from Kam Ubhi was superb.

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